7.92m Diesel Scissor Lift | 260MTR

7.92m Diesel Scissor Lift | 260MTR

This easy one handed operated scissor lift offers smooth control and exception mobility thanks to its narrow design featuring a roll-out platform extending your work area and ensuring safe access.

JLG Diesel Scissor Lift

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Conditions of Hire


More Information About JLG 7.92m Diesel Scissor Lift

The 7.92m Diesel Scissor Lift is a versatile product manufactured by GLG and is equipped with a Kubota Engine for reliable performance. Its features include non-marking tires, enabling usage in sensitive areas. With rough terrain capacity, this scissor lift excels in challenging environments. The extendable platform provides flexibility in reaching various heights, while auto-level stabilizers ensure stability during operations.

Its 4-wheel-drive capability enhances maneuverability across different surfaces. The fold-down rails contribute to easy storage and transportation. Additionally, the scissor lift boasts wide wheel traction, further enhancing its stability and grip on diverse terrains. 

The scissor lift is powered by diesel and has an operating weight of 3700kg and its platform capacity is 570kg.