Welcome to the Moore Plant Hire Blog!

by | May 10, 2021 | Uncategorized

Thank you for visiting our website!

In the coming months, this blog will contain industry insights, news and information on some of our recent projects here at Moore Plant Hire.

A bit about us:

Let’s rewind to 1988 when we kicked things off at Moore Engineering. Our starting point? Small Tractor Cranes. Fast forward a bit, and boom – we snagged a 23 Tonne Slew Crane to keep up with the community’s demands. Riding the wave of success, we officially became Moore Plant Hire Pty Ltd in 1990. Now, as a family-owned company, we’ve grown into something pretty cool. Our fleet is not just big; it’s modern, well-kept, and ready for action for any kind of job. Plus, our crew of seasoned pros adds that extra spark. Learn more by visiting our “About Us” page.